Operations Manager and Head of Business, Hello Krupet
Anne-Charlotte Ficheroulle

Anne-Charlotte was born in France in 1985, and is a pharmacist with an advanced master’s degree in marketing/management from ESSEC Business School Paris. Upon graduation, Anne-Charlotte started her career within General Electric Healthcare as a marketing communication junior for the MRI team of the European HQ before joining the public affairs team for Sanofi in Washington DC in the US.

Later on, Anne-Charlotte moved to Cambodia to work as Marketing Manager of the Ethical portfolio within DKSH HEC, managing leading MNCs as Pfizer, Novartis or Astra-Zeneca. As Operations Manager and Head of Business Development at Hello Krupet, Anne-Charlotte is based in Phnom Penh and working towards developing the market, bringing tailor-made solutions for HEC companies looking to educate the population and increase their brand visibilities.
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