Data Engineer


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Your Key Responsibilities

Deliver Advanced Analytical Services
Planning / Prioritization:
  • Based on decisions following the business process, the product development team together with CTO will work to allocate time and resources to the decided work slate.
  • You’ll work closely with senior stakeholders to ensure all aspects of the data business are considered in these advances. Feedback will be collected directly and indirectly through sales and define development projects and schedules together with the CTO.
Quality Management/Testing:
  • You’ll ensure a high quality level in case of new releases, APIs and functionalities, as well as in the standard of reporting provided to Clients. The high quality is based on adequate and extensive testing.
Explore Data Warehousing:
  • You’ll build the data warehouse strategy that should provide consistent, clean, and integrated data.
Your KPI Include:
  • 100% Delivery of the Data Engineering  Roadmap
  • Minimum 2 Application delivery per month
Data Governance
Data governance will be a very important part of your role as Date Engineer.  Primarily, you will be responsible for protecting your organization’s data from interference, theft, corruption, and loss. Governing data includes creating strategic data access policies, both internally and externally.
  • Keep up with ever-changing data protection regulations.
  • Avoid data breaches by ensuring that everyone who can access information is authorized.
  • Put measures to protect stored data and data that is being transmitted.
As a Data Engineer, you will be responsible for driving data security awareness across the organization by outlining and enforcing rules, rights, and accountabilities. It is helpful if a set of standards is in place in regard to naming, abbreviation, acronyms, etc. Consistency in these areas will help data to be easily catalogued and make sure that employees can find the data they are looking for without wasting time. Crucially, you will need to keep data ethics at the forefront of your operation. This includes:
  • Protecting collected data from leaks.
  • Being aware of the intentions of anyone who might want to purchase your data.
  • Ensuring your own organization is using data ethically.
Optimizing Data Management Process & Delivering Documentation
  • Establish and implement the overall strategy and transformation in collaboration with the C-level stakeholders, other counterparts and functional teams for the group to enable measurable results for each country.
  • You’ll engage in Agile/Scrum methodologies to ensure adherence to roadmap.
  • You’ll work in a ‘squad’ formation, partnering with the product team to run sprints, manage the backlog, build out capabilities, etc.
  • Your KPI Include:
    • 100% Data Products documentation for the External Stakeholders.
    • Improving efficiency rate.

Who do we want?

  • Proficient in SQL, Python, Shell Scripting or other languages.
  • Experience working with cloud-based and distributed systems (E.g. Digital Cloud, AWS
  • ecosystem, Google Cloud, etc.).
  • Google Cloud Certification is a plus.
  • 2 to 5+ years of experience with data modelling and designing/supporting Data
  • Warehouses (E.g. Redshift, BigQuery, etc).
  • 2 to 3+ years of experience in data processing/ETL implementation using Hadoop,
  • SPARK, etc.
  • Experience with building real-time stream-processing systems is a plus.
  • Self-motivated, independent learner, and a passion for data and technology
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