Entrepreneur in Residence, Hello Swasthya
Priyadarshi Desai

Priyadarshi was born in Rose Hill, Mauritius in 1992. Priyadarshi holds a Masters degree in Bioanalytical Sciences from Mumbai University.

Upon graduation, Priyadarshi joined Cipla – a leading Pharmaceutical Company in India as a Research Analyst. He further played a brief role in Genpact as a Pharma Regulatory Affairs Associate where he also led the corporate communication team. Priyadarshi’s most recent contribution was in Orange Health Digital – a healthcare marketing startup, where he focused on content strategy and digital marketing, leading a fast-growing content team.

As Entrepreneur in Residence at Hello Health Group, Priyadarshi is based in India and working towards setting up and growing the India business by overseeing and supporting the growth of Hello Swasthya platform to the largest health content platform in the country.

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