Our Company Culture
We are powered by our people.
We are powered by our people.

And in return, we believe in empowering our staff. By building a positive company culture, and creating an environment that allows creative minds room to grow, we plant the seeds for innovation and impact.

We’re well aware that changing the game, and making a positive impact takes commitment, drive, and talent. And in building a better world, we’re looking for diversity: For those that are hungry, humble, and willing to learn. If you’re one of these people, we’ve established six key tenets that constitute the pillars of our culture.

First off: being a startup, we’re of course…

Growth Oriented

The basics of a growth-mindset is believing that you can get smarter and learn more. Adopting this view is key for most startups for one simple reason: You will fail. Trying new things and driving to innovate will ultimately yield mixed results.

And most of the time, the failures aren’t catastrophic. Instead, they’re mere learning steps on the path to success — or what you might call iteration. Hence, the important thing isn’t generally whether you fail or succeed. What’s imperative is how you deal with challenges or failure. By viewing them as learning-opportunities you make a greater effort, and consequently grow.

Step up to challenges and be willing to learn from failures. And then take the next step.

We’re Genuine

We’re happy to leave the office-politics at the door. By embracing a genuine and authentic approach, we encourage constructive and honest feedback.

Similar to the “radical transparency” of Ray Dalio, we’re aiming to create a culture that’s direct and honest in its communication and sharing of company values and strategies. That way, people gain trust in the continuous evolution of the organization. And this trust shines through in all our efforts: From internal emails to consumer-focused content.

Be honest and authentic. Often, this doesn’t come naturally in a company environment. But by making an effort, we’re aiming to create and maintain a transparent and trusting organization.

We’re Problem-Solvers

When you’re treading new ground, you’re bound to run into challenges you’ve never encountered before. Aligning with the growth-mindset, we’re firm believers that any problem can be solved — in one way or another.

If we’re cornered by a specific problem, we can always reframe it and look at it from another angle. Maybe you can’t poach an egg with a broken yolk, but it can still make an excellent omelette.

By adopting the view that obstacles are challenges to be overcome, we find innovative solutions to new problems, or novel ways to tackle familiar ones.

We Bring Our Best

We want to deliver solid work. We’re not expecting — nor do we believe in — perfection. But we do strive for excellence in everything we do: Anything from internal communications to client projects. When setting our standards high, we might not always get there. But we’ll reach further than if we aimed for average.

We strive to deliver quality — with the cherry on top.

We’re Accountable

Sometimes things go well. Other times they go pear-shaped. And that’s okay: we learn from it. By taking responsibility for our work, nothing is someone else’s problem. We’re always happy to ask for help, but equally happy to take the lead on what we’re here to do, and do it well.

Don’t be this guy:

By being accountable for our successes, and our failures, we grow collectively.

We Know That Life Is Short

No one likes the guy that doesn’t know how to have fun. We take our work and our impact seriously. But every now and then it’s important to remember that life is short, and it’s okay to be foolish at times.

It’s not always easy to create and maintain a company culture. Anyone who’s tried knows this. But by keeping these things in mind as we go through our week, we can think about what they mean to us, and how we can manifest them in our daily work. It won’t always succeed. But if we try, we’ll get on the path. Because that’s what it is: A path.

A culture isn’t something that’s “set it and leave it”, but something that takes continuous work on a daily basis. With that, it’s worth emphasizing the last point on our list. Because startup life isn’t always easy. And while it is often fun and inspiring, it can also be hectic and challenging. So then it’s important to take a breath, and put things in perspective.  

As a certain British entrepreneur wisely put it:

“A little humour is good for the soul – regardless of how old you may be. We should all seek fun in our lives. Some people may call it being childish, but in my opinion there’s nothing wrong with being a kid at heart.”

Richard Branson

So don’t take yourself too seriously. No one else does.