Commercial Operations and CRM manager

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Posted on 2024-02-06 02:55:04 · 9 applicants

Key Responsibilities:


  • You manage and maintain the company’s CRM system to ensure accurate and up-to-date information on leads, prospects, and customers
  • You develop and implement processes and workflows to ensure that data is accurately and consistently entered into the CRM
  • You monitor and analyze CRM data to identify trends and opportunities for improvement in sales processes and strategies
  • You collaborate with the sales team to develop and execute effective lead generation and conversion campaigns using the CRM
  • You ensure that the CRM is integrated with other sales and marketing tools to optimize workflows and streamline processes
  • You provide training and support to the sales team on how to effectively use the CRM to drive sales growth
  • You ensure the highest level of visibility of the status of business development by client, by country, by service offering at all times – timely and accurately reflected in the CRM. 
  • You work closely together with the data team to develop our tools and insights for both client campaign performance tracking as well as new business development tools.
  • You work closely with the COO, VP BD and EVP M&O to optimise the CRM in order to have high data completion and data accuracy within the CRM and you work on automating and optimising processes within the CRM for better sales performance. 
  • You are responsible for measuring and enforcing data freshness and accuracy within the CRM through reporting.
  • You manage the sales CRM in order to make sure all processes are running smoothly and you setup sales automation where possible. 
  • You work with local markets to ensure Client Campaign Tracking platform/CRM reflect accurately the delivery progress and profitability and make sure the needed systems are connected (Zoho CRM and other software tools)
  • You Develop and implement customer relationship management strategies that enhance the customer experience, increase customer retention, and drive cross-selling and upselling opportunities
  • Develop and generate reports and dashboards from the CRM to track sales performance and identify trends and opportunities for improvement
  • Analyze sales data to identify areas for improvement in sales processes and strategies
  • Develop and present regular sales performance updates to senior management and other stakeholders
  • Collaborate with the sales team to develop and implement data-driven sales strategies and tactics
  • Work with the finance team to ensure that sales data is accurately reflected in financial reporting

Regional Commercial Operations – Markets

  • You schedule, prepare for and follow up on the monthly country review meetings and work with the teams to make sure the data is accurate. 
  • You work with internal teams to build an understanding of profitability by campaign and by client. 
  • You support COO to prepare for reporting meeting to EMT, board, manage forum with clear strategic business messages.
  • You support the COO to conduct annual Business Planning exercise and regular forecasting, ensuring full alignment to strategy, and designed to deliver the planned annual budget including P&L and Working Capital in line with Hello Heath Strategy 2.0.
  • You support the development of Knowledge Management across HHG (e.g. templates, tools, processes, campaigns, best-practices, testing, evaluation) and you find new and effective ways to share with the relevant members in the organization.
  • You support COO to manage the information flow between COO and local markets.
  • You manage the commercial storage drive access. You are responsible for granting the right access to right person and share denial reason within 2 working hours .
  • You develop and ensure the Commercial onboarding deck stay updated with new members update, new training, new company announcements,…
  • You proactively organize large/small scale training to local markets to assure the compliance with processes and procedures
  • You are the go-to person for local commercial team when it comes to SOPs, templates, regulations, and announcements,…

People and Performance Management

  • You ensure the Hello Health Group Core Values, our Purpose and Mission are exemplified in your own behavior and brought to life by your team.
  • You fully commit to and implement Performance Management in line with company policy, engaging and leading individuals and the team effectively to meet company goals.
  • You ensure that your team members have updated Job Descriptions, MBOs and are fully aware of the expectations of their role and responsibilities.
  • You actively identify and address the development needs of the teams you work with, utilizing the learning opportunities available to them on a country or regional level, ensuring all teams maximize their own learning by making use of HHG’s offerings such as the HHG Academy.


  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in sales, sales operations, or related field
  • Experience with CRM systems and sales reporting and analysis
  • Strong analytical, strategic, and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment
  • Knowledge of sales methodologies and processes, including lead generation, qualification, and conversion

What Hello Health Group Offers:  

We are passionate individuals that are driven to succeed. Our work culture is characterized by strong team spirit, high degrees of openness and innovation, and strong collaboration across fields. We love the freedom of an entrepreneurial company and are looking for like-minded, ambitious professionals who have a desire to build something new and actively support our young company in its growth to greatness.

You will love working here!

  • Competitive salary package
  • Professional and open working environment–culturally integrating the best of Western and Southeast Asian cultures to take the best of each and ensure we build an energetic, commercial, and fun working
  • Opportunities to improve English skills within an international team–English is the official language in all Hello Health

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