See how we helped a Consumer Health Company generate mass awareness and qualified leads for their Adult Nutrition Brand



  • Low category penetration; increasing diabetes rate
  • Increased competition
  • Patients do not see the value of nutritional supplement as part of their diabetes treatment/management regimen

Business goals:

  • Recruit new audiences by providing relevant/insightful content
  • Increase sales conversion rate


  • Vietnamese Seniors don’t use milk in general and milk products for diabetes patients are not a common solution
  • Role of nutrition in diabetes is not well established. Patients and their caregivers follow HCP’s recommendations (drug treatment focus)


  • Digital awareness campaign providing content to cover two main audiences: T2 Diabetes and GDM, breakdown by stages of funnel and various formats
  • Lead generation full journey (Acquisition, Retargeting and Conversion) by different touchpoints (on and off website) and diverse branded and unbranded lead hooks (quiz, competition, nutrition plan e-book, diabetes newsletter/community)


  • Captured target audiences’ interest by offering nutritional meal plans via free handbook and sampling for patients and caregivers
  • Generated awareness through full funnel content plan
    • Category sponsorship of Hello Bacsi Diabetes Health Centre
    • Development of new SEO-optimised articles to push key messages
    • Performance marketing content to drive acquisition


  • Over 25,000 leads captured (103% of KPI)
  • 6m unique audience reach over 6mths
  • Innovative content formats including Live Chats

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