Case Study: COPD – Vietnam

See how we helped a Pharma Company identify over 3,600 undiagnosed patients at risk of COPD and drive them to doctor appointments



  • Low awareness and knowledge of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Low diagnosis rate: < 25%; until symptoms and disease progression is severe driving patients to hospital
  • > 50% of COPD patients have a poor understanding of Inhalation technique

Business goals:

  • Increase awareness and understanding of COPD disease and its treatment
  • Drive self-relevance through COPD risk assessment and call to action – presentation to HCP for diagnosis and treatment


  • Patients suffer from COPD symptoms assuming they are transient
  • When prompted, patients/caregivers will check their health and symptoms online. If they see similar symptoms, they act on them quickly.


  • Build disease awareness and understanding via articles and infographics
  • Drive patients/caregivers to take COPD Risk Assessment to identify the at-risk undiagnosed audience and guide them to book a hospital appointment


  • 9 Edu/Info SEO articles with 3 Patient-centric infographics
  • COPD Risk Assessment with email for follow up engagement
  • Zalo / Social FB / Instagram Postings to drive audience to do COPD Risk Assessment
  • Specialist Online Booking Platform for patient appointment booking


  • COPD Risk Assessment landing of 65k with 7.5% completion in 90 days
  • Total Lead Generation Delivered: 3600 in 2 months vs 3-month target
  • Exceeded patient appointment booking: 45% vs 7.5% target

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